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Hiscox is a leading specialist insurer headquartered in Bermuda, with roots dating back to 1901. It specialises in specific types of insurance, often focusing on areas other insurers find too complex to handle.


Hiscox wanted to transform its internal operations into a near paperless process in a bid to speed up business and reduce human error.


The company selected the Fujitsu fi-6800 Production Scanner as the best performing, most elegantly designed available device. However, it soon realised it would also need to incorporate a security protocol to enable employee access, improve workflow and ensure documents were assigned to the right person.


Hiscox looked at several of the most common security methods, including fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID cards but none met its brief. Fujitsu partner Security Systems Technology Ltd suggested that palm vein scanning might be the best way forward. Hiscox agreed and brought in one Fujitsu PalmSecure reader and a Software Development Kit (SDK) in order to develop its own interface.


“We reviewed the palm vein technology and were impressed with Fujitsu PalmSecure’s maturity and extensive use across a range of business sectors. Palm vein scanning is non-intrusive, intuitive and
has extremely low false readings so it was the perfect fit for us.”


Steve Bigmore, IT Project Manager, Hiscox



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At Fujitsu Technology Solutions we are pinning our hopes on the future. We are meeting tomorrow’s requirements to ensure the success of our customers today – with innovative and high-value IT products, IT infrastructures and service offers. We stand for our special sense of responsibility toward our customers, our employees and our environment. Acting responsibly is not just an empty promise for us, but the consequence of our objectives and thus a commitment for us, with which we approach our customers and partners – not only today, but also tomorrow.


In a rapidly developing branch of industry Fujitsu Technology Solutions is today setting new trends and making an impact with our technologies and solutions of tomorrow.


  • We have the future in mind and need people with vision


What do we have to offer you?


An unique, multi-facetted range of products and tasks, trend-setting strategic future-oriented topics, such as Mobility and Dynamic Infrastructures as well as ideal started and promotion opportunities.


  • Are you ready to take a step into the future with us?


What will make you modernize?






Stockage haute performance, gestion automatique de la qualité de service


Évolutif et unifié, le système Fujitsu Stockage ETERNUS DX600 S3 offre une haute performance de stockage de pointe et une gestion automatique de qualité de service (QoS), ce qui permet une utilisation des systèmes optimale et contribue à un rapide retour sur investissement.


C’est la solution idéale pour consolider dans une seule baie les grandes applications d’entreprise, leurs bases de données de production et les volumineux entrepôts de données nécessaires à l’analyse et la prise de décision par les directions métiers. Elle offre une importante marge d’accroissement en performance et capacité pour les environnements exigeants de virtualisation des serveurs/des postes de travail et les serveurs de fichiers de l’entreprise.


La richesse des fonctions de haute disponibilité et de reprise après sinistre du modèle ETERNUS DX600 S3 en fait un système de stockage idéal pour les données vitales pour l’entreprise.


Service recommandé : Support Fujitsu 24 x7 pour un service de classe entreprise.



Points clés


Performances à la pointe du marché associées à une gestion automatisée des performances




  • La haute performance de classe entreprise permet la consolidation du stockage à grande échelle et assure un rapide retour sur investissement
  • Aligne automatiquement les performances de stockage sur les priorités de l’entreprise
  • Offre une qualité de service fiable et prévisible pour les données critiques
  • Permet l’exécution de tâches productives et analytiques en parallèle dans un seul système de stockage
  • La haute évolutivité en capacité et performance de chaque modèle liée à la possibilité de le transformer sur site vers un modèle plus puissant permettent de faire face aux fortes croissances du volume des données à un coût réduit en préservant l’investissement matériel


Fonctionnement ultra-fiable




  • Des fonctions complètes de haute disponibilité, de qualité de service et de résilience aux sinistres assurent un fonctionnement prévisible et fiable
  • Scénarios flexibles de reprise après sinistre, comprenant le basculement en mode transparent, avec une multitude de prises de clichés (Snapshot) et de réplications à distance entre les différents modèles et générations
  • „„Maintenance et mise à niveau à chaud pour réduire les arrêts de production à planifier


Véritable architecture unifiée




  • L’accès unifié au stockage SAN et NAS entraîne une meilleure utilisation des systèmes et améliore le retour sur investissement
  • „„Les fonctions de gestion unifiées sur l’ensemble de la gamme de produits entraînent une efficacité opérationnelle accrue
  • La connectivité unifiée prend en charge une large gamme et diverses combinaisons de types de réseaux





« Fujitsu has helped us with the constant development of our IT environment in a rapidly changing industry. Through the modern and reliable IT services provided by Fujitsu, we are on the right track in our efforts to achieve cost savings and an improved end user experience »

Juha Punnonen, CIO, Alma Media


The customer

Alma Media is a strong regional and national media group in Finland with a range of well-known brands as the foundation of its operations. The company’s strategy is to refine its newspapers into multimedia brands and introduce new digital services to the market. In addition to news services, the company’s products provide information related to lifestyle, career and business development. The services of Alma Media have expanded from Finland to Nordic countries, the Baltics and Central Europe. Its best known products are Aamulehti, Iltalehti, Kauppalehti,, and City24.
The challenge


Alma Media needed a trusted partner that could take responsibility for the operation of basic IT services, allowing it to reduce costs while introducing new products.
The solution


It has now outsourced its service desk, along with datacenter services, workplace support and other core functions to Fujitsu as part of a relationship that now spans ten years.
The benefit
Fujitsu’s datacenter provides 24×7 operation with inbuilt resilience, ensuring that Alma Media’s newspapers land on doorsteps across the country every morning without fail.

• By transitioning service desks to Estonia and server management to Poland and South Africa, Fujitsu has significantly lowered costs without compromising user satisfaction.

• A newly introduced mobile management strategy means that employees can use any device of their choosing and still be guaranteed support from Fujitsu, improving productivity.

• By migrating to Microsoft Office 365, Alma Media has cut costs by 50 percent while doubling user capacity to 50GB.


Managed Mobile for Alma Media improves its digital services business