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Handbook : digital workplace

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An alliance that will set the blueprint for digital transformation

Across sectors, organisations are embracing emergent and often disruptive technologies to transform their businesses and drive competitive advantage. From banking to healthcare to plane manufacturing, IT has moved out of the back office and is enabling firms to rapidly bring new products and services to market, improve efficiency and reduce costs and, as a consequence, IT organisations are faced with the challenge of introducing a growing range of external software, applications and devices into the work environment.

Therefore, how to successfully set up a digital workplace ?

Over the next few pages, we’ve mapped out how we’re creating a more personalised, contextual, frictionless workplace that ‘just works’. It demonstrates how we’re moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach for End User Services, towards an environment in which every experience matters.

We hope that this handbook will allow you to successfully integrate a digital workplace into your organization.

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Digital Workplace